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Yasawas - Fundiving

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The waters around Mantaray Island Resort are an internationally recognized refuge for Manta Rays. With or without these creatures present, the diving is outstanding all year round and shouldn't be missed! But, each year between May and October the waters are blessed with the elegance of the Pacific Manta Ray. So if you do have the freedom to plan, then hit their season!

As many as thirteen manta rays have been recorded in front of the resort at one time. Daily snorkeling trips allow visitors to experience these magnificent creatures up close as they glide majestically through the nutrient rich channel just around the corner. This strait can't be dived, but the reefs just outside sports over 25 dive sites, and they certainly can. In these Pacific waters you will find sublime visibility and an extremely colorful marine life hanging out on healthy reefs. The house reef just in front of the beach is a perfect example of the wealth in this area.

Located in the Fiji Islands premier destination, the Yasawa Islands, Mantaray Island Resort sums up the perfect Fijian holiday. Boasting idyllic white sand tropical beaches, vibrant coral reefs, a marine reserve teeming with life, fantastic cuisine, refreshing cocktails, chilled out tunes and a close affiliation with the local village, this island offers the complete Fiji Experience.

On the day of arrival you will be greeted with a welcome drink, shown your room and given an orientation of the island activities and of the dive sites or courses you will be doing. You’ll typically do two dives a day. Between dives you’ll hang out on the island where the lunch will be served, unless you’ve scheduled two morning dives. A third dive or a night dive can be organized on location for an extra fee.

DIVE PACKAGE: Fundiving Mantaray Island The short option with 4 dives spread out on 2 days of diving with one day of rest and 2 nights of accommodation, the dive sites will vary depending on weather and experience level. One dive can be done as a night dive without extra charge.


4 Dives


The Resort is an environmentally friendly resort, from the toilet systems to the reef awareness programs. It simply ensures that you can come back to Mantaray Island over and over again and experience the same incredible atmosphere. You can book with or without accommodation at this destination. Please double check your voucher upon confirmation.


The Yasawas is a long group of islands, all of them very different from each other. Therefore many travelers prefer to explore/experience several of these on a single trip. One clever company has provided an extended boat schedule service to take the so-called "island hoppers" back and forth between the islands. Each and every day you can catch a ferry and "jump" one, two or several islands North or South.


Can be purchased as a package on site.


All year

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If you want a longer itinerary, you can add extra days of diving and accommodation upon booking.