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Pulau Weh - Fundiving Extended

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With steep underwater drop-offs and both oceanic and local currents converging, this is a location where interactions with big stuff such as mantas and larger sharks are a distinct possibility. On every dive expect to see reef sharks, turtles and rays cruising the dramatic moray eel-infested underwater topography. In addition, the beach dive in front of the dive shop is gaining a deserved reputation for critter diving, with ghost pipefish, waspfish and even mimic octopus being regularly found. Boat dives are single dives and the house reef can be dived anytime...

If you are bored with rigid schedules, busy dive boats and crowded resorts... Pulau Weh is the place for you. Located an hour north of Banda Aceh on the Northern tip of Sumatra, this special location has an end-of-the-world feel to it. Indeed, 20 minutes drive past your resort you'll find Kilometre Zero, the westernmost point of Indonesia from which the government measures distances.

Pulau Weh is located north of the northern end of Sumatra, an hour by ferry from Banda Aceh. It is a mountainous, verdant island with waterfalls, caves and villages to be explored. Gapang Beach is located on the NE shore of the northern peninsular and is the definition of quiet. No bars, no clubs... just a diveshop, a few locally run bungalows and a couple of basic restaurants.

On the day of arrival you will be shown your bungalow and given an orientation of the dive shop and of the diving or courses you will be doing. On diving days 2 boat dives will be conducted and the day can be finished off with a late afternoon dive on the house reef from the beach. For an extra fee this can be done as a night dive. Between dives you’ll most likely be hanging out at the atmospheric dive center. There will be no refund on dives not used. Check out time is matched with your ferry going back to Banda Ache on the mainland.

The longer option with 8 dives spread out on 4 days of diving and 5 nights of accommodation, the dive sites will vary depending on weather and experience level. On Friday morning there is no diving, this dive can be done as a night dive without extra charge.


8 dives, all inclusive


Upgraded room with double or twin bed, hot water, fan, bathroom with shower (or bath) & toilet, pantry, large veranda and just a few meters to the atmospheric dive center. The rooms are exactly what you want upgraded accommodation to be; Light, very spacious and with lots of soul!


Flight from Malaysia to Banda Ache in North Sumatra is by far the quickest and easiest route. Then a short ferry and taxi ride to Gapang beach. Check out the brochure for more information.


No food included


All year round

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The dive sites will vary depending on weather and experience level. If you want a longer itinerary, you can add extra days of diving and accommodation upon booking. Due to ocean and weather conditions, the itinerary can be subject to change.