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Experience what is probably some of the most relaxed diving on our planet. Dahab is a shore diving location with enough sites to keep you busy for a week or 2. All the reefs of Dahab are oases under the sea - 20 pct. of the fauna, and 50 pct. of the Butterfly fish are found nowhere else in the world. The sites combine coral gardens, arches, canyons and caves, with a huge diversity of reef fish and invertebrates, as well as turtles, rays, moray eels, octopus, and larger fish including Napoleonfish, Barracuda, small sharks and dolphins.

The contrast between touristic Sharm El Sheikh further South and Dahab, is nothing less than extreme. Here you will find old school backpacker hippies retreating with a combination of Yoga, rock climbing and world class diving, no hassle and no stress.

Historically, most visitors to Dahab have been backpackers traveling independently, staying in the hostels and Bedouin camps. This has made the little fishermen town develop into an international good feel place. With its bohemian feel of hippie and Bedouin, Dahab is a beautiful mix of peace seeking travelers, creating an extraordinary atmosphere of relaxation and friendliness.

We have based the dive packages in Dahab on the weekly flights from Europe. Whether you want a trip that is packed with diving, or you prefer to have your days in the water mixed with dry days on land, we recommend that you have your accommodation booked for the week. On the day of arrival you will be shown your room and given an orientation of the dive shop and of the diving or courses you will be doing. On diving days 2 shore dives will be conducted. Local dive sites are walking distance from the dive center, the Canyon/Blue Hole and other northern & southern sites are a short bouncy beaten up jeep ride away.

The shorter option with 4 dives gives you 1 day of diving on the local dive sites close to the dive centre and a 2nd day at Dahab’s famous Canyon & Blue Hole. To read more about the accommodation, see pictures and find out all the little interesting details about the place, the diving and the package in general… use this link:


4 dives all inclusive


Twin or double, with A/C. Nice communal area and just steps from the beach. The accommodation is part of the very first Desert Camp in Dahab, and has been popular with backpackers and yogahippies since the 70s. It is very low key and basic, with a cool garden and prober bedouin hangout area.


Airport return transfer is included in this package.


No food included.


All year round

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The dive sites will vary depending on weather and experience level. If you want a longer itinerary, you can add extra days of diving upon booking. Due to ocean and weather conditions, the itinerary can be subject to change.