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Assist Teachers in a Kindergarten

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The two kindergartens in Buenos Aires where you can volunteer at this project are in José León Suárez and Villa 21. The teachers there care for and educate about 60 children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. Both projects began in 2008, so we are still in the process of improving its infrastructure, educational and recreational materials for the kids, and adding more activities. Children also eat breakfast and lunch at the center. There are also four caregivers who help clean, cook and assist teachers as needed. Although it’s a simple kindergarten, it’s an educational, recreational, healthy and safe environment for the kids to stay in while their parents work.

  • About Your Location

    There are 2 locations. José León Suárez is situated outside the city of Buenos Aires. You get there by train, subway and bus. It is about 1h 30 min from our hostel in central Buenos Aires.
    Villa 21, Barracas which can be reached by subway and bus and takes 30 mins.

  • Welcome Orientation

    All volunteer projects start on Mondays. You should, however, plan to arrive in Buenos Aires on a Friday as you have a Welcome Package. This is an excellent introduction to the city of Buenos Aires and a great way to start your volunteer project. It includes a welcome drink, free Wi-Fi, a bike tour and a walking tour of either Recoleta, Palermo or San Telmo.

  • First Project Day

    The first day the volunteer will meet with the coordinator who will accompany you to the project in order to show you how to get there on your first day. Once you get to the neighborhood, you will meet with the project coordinators. You can discuss your schedule with them, and this also is the perfect time to ask questions about your tasks.

  • Inclusions

    Arrival transfer
    Welcome Package
    Accommodation during the volunteering weeks
    Free internet and Wi-Fi access
    City bike tour
    Walking tour (Recoleta or Palermo or San Telmo) or a nightclub ticket
    Briefing and 24/7 assistance from the volunteering organization
    Donation to the project

  • Not Included

    Daily transportation to/from the project (you can use public transportation)

    Zobacz całą trasę


- Assist the teachers in the classroom
- Interact with the children through games, songs, drawings and workshops
- Help take care of the children
- Play with the children in the kindergarten’s playground during breaks and when the teachers need to work alone
- Help to plan the activities in the kindergarten
- Teach the children numbers, the alphabet in Spanish, their first English words etc.
- Help the older children do educational activities on the computer
- Maintain personal contact and be a role model for the kids
- Offer advice if necessary
- Help the two teachers cook and serve the food, clean and do the dishes, or any other tasks there are to be done such as assisting in the maintenance and repair of the kindergarten.

During the introduction meeting your working hours and days will be discussed and if you want to work more it’s possible. However once you commit to working more hours you have to respect the schedule you have chosen and never miss work. You should always work the minimum number of hours required and in some cases the NGO also recommends a maximum number of hours. Please remember you will also use time travelling to and from your project.


Welcome Package
Arriving on a Friday gives you time to get settled and ready to start project work on the following Monday.

Project Accommodation
You can stay at one of the two Milhouse Hostels that are centrally located in Buenos Aires. Choose between a 6-bed dorm or a private room, both with an ensuite bathroom. The hostels have a lively backpacker community with good facilities.


Arrival transfer is included. Daily public transportation; subway, train and bus to Jose Leon Suarez neigbourhood which takes around 1 hr and 30 mins. Villa 21, Barracas you can reach by subway and bus, which takes 30 mins.


Breakfast is included during your whole stay.


March to mid-December (a 2-week break in July for winter school holidays)

Dodatkowe informacje

There is an informal meeting every week where you will have an opportunity to talk with the Milhouse team about your volunteering program.

How long should I volunteer?
Our projects range from 1 week up to approx. 30 weeks. Projects have a specified minimum stay, then it’s up to you how long you can commit. In our experience the longer you stay the more you will gain, as your understanding of the project broadens and you take on more responsibilities.

Volunteer Application Form that is approved by the volunteer organization
Police Clearance Certificate